5 main stages of the eyebrow tattoo and other features of the procedure

Modern beauty industry offers the latest methods of correction of appearance, which include the procedure of permanent makeup eyebrows, or tattoo. Many women would like to know how to do a tattoo of eyebrows, how much it holds and whether it is not dangerous to apply it. After all, this makeup does not need to be corrected every day, and a clear line of eyebrows allows you to make the face more expressive and bright.

What is eyebrow tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoo

Tattooing is the drawing of small strokes in the eyebrows with the help of special cosmetic equipment and pigment formulations. This is a kind of tattoo that allows you to give your eyebrows a clearer and more beautiful pattern.

With the help of a thin needle, a coloring pigment is inserted into the upper layer of the skin, as a result of which a hair effect is created, and the correction looks natural.Using the technique of permanent eyebrow makeup allows you to:

  • give brows a more even and well-groomed appearance;
  • close small scars;
  • adjust asymmetry;
  • eliminate gaps in the growth of hairs.
There are several techniques of tattoo, which allows for each type of person to choose the most optimal and close to the natural version of the tattoo and hue of the coloring pigment.

Cosmetologists in beauty salons always individually approach the choice of how to create a permanent eyebrow makeup, taking into account not only the shape and color, but also the presence of contraindications for clients.

After a detailed consideration of what the eyebrow tattoo is, we can conclude that this is a filigree method of eyebrow shape correction. To create an individual eyebrow line pattern, a master can use one or several pigment application techniques, based on a specific task.

His work combines the skills of a true artist, who must accurately select the most expressive eyebrow pattern and hue for a particular type of woman’s face, and a cosmetologist whose task is to minimally trauma the skin.

Types of tattoo

Types of tattoo

In the salons of the master use different types of eyebrow tattoo. Experts identify two main ways of applying pigment under the skin: feathering and hair technique. Inside each type of such tattoo there are special techniques that allow you to select the most appropriate type and pattern of eyebrows for solving various problems of eyebrow area correction.

In the hair technique there are two directions:

  • east;
  • European

Eastern technology involves drawing drawings of different lengths and widths at different angles. For the European technique, drawing hairs of the same length and width in one direction is typical. An experienced master can immediately use two techniques to create an individual eyebrow pattern, creating a preliminary sketch.

The technique of feathering can be performed in the form of:

  • Shooting
  • mixed type;
  • soft type.

Shooting involves the preliminary creation of a clear contour of the eyebrows, within which staining of the upper dermal layer occurs.

The mixed technique uses partially drawing of hairs and creating a light shading on its background along the entire length of the eyebrow.

The soft type of tattooing is a blurry background along the eyebrows, as a result of which they acquire a more well-groomed and expressive appearance.

When choosing a technique, the masters always take into account the individual features of the clients' face, the color of the skin, hair, and the presence of defects in the eyebrow area.

In addition to permanent makeup, stylists can use traditional eyebrow tinting techniques with the help of plant dyes such as henna and basma. However, it should be remembered that the staining is quickly washed off, and a month later it is necessary to put the dye on the eyebrows again.

The main stages of the procedure

The main stages of the procedure

Wanting to understand what the tattoo of the eyebrow line is and how to carry it out correctly, women should take into account that this is not an ordinary make-up, but a complex cosmetic procedure that requires preliminary preparation.


Before it, the specialist conducts a consultation, during which the appropriate type of tattoo, eyebrow shade and pattern is chosen. Also, clients are told how to properly prepare for the conduct of permanent makeup.


During the preparatory period, you should refuse:

  • peels and facial cleansing;
  • solarium;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • drugs that thin the blood.
The preparatory stage lasts one week. Exact observance of all recommendations ensures the safety and quality of this cosmetic procedure.

Creating a sketch

Stages tattoo

During the creation of a tattoo, the master first makes a rough sketch on the face and coordinates it with the client. You can also remove unnecessary hairs from the eyebrows, which will not fall into the future pattern.

Pigment application

The application of the coloring pigment is carried out with a sterile instrument, resembling a thin razor blade or needle. Before starting the application of the pigment, the skin is treated with sanitizing solutions and anesthetics.

Such forethought allows to relieve clients of pain and allows the master to work freely when creating the desired shape of eyebrows. If during the procedure the specialist needs to inject the pigment into the deeper layers of the skin, then this place will feel tingling and even a slight painful effect that needs to be sustained.

The final stage

After completing the work, the master advises the client on how to care for the eyebrows during the recovery period in order to achieve the earliest possible healing of the skin and preserve the pigment underneath it.

Rules for the care of eyebrows after tattoo

All women want to know how much eyebrow tattooing keeps. The duration of the effect of such a correction depends largely on the correctness of care for eyebrows. During the staining the skin is injured, therefore, a rehabilitation period is required, which lasts from 7 to 9 days.

During this period, you can not:

  • visit the bath or sauna;
  • sunbathe;
  • apply decorative cosmetics;
  • use scrubs and cleansers for face skin.

Eyebrows should be lubricated with special antiseptic solutions in order to avoid inflammation. When a crust forms on the ground of a tattoo, it cannot be removed. It should be moisturized and nourished with creams and lotions recommended by a beautician.

Proper care will allow the skin to recover quickly without losing the coloring pigment introduced into it.

It should be understood that in order to achieve a natural and well-groomed eyebrow shape, it will be necessary to make a tattoo correction in a month or two. This will make the necessary adjustments to the shape and color of the eyebrows and extend the period of applying the most permanent makeup.

With proper conduct of the tattoo is held for at least one year.


Correction of the shape and color of eyebrows is a rather complicated cosmetological technique that must be carried out only by qualified specialists in an equipped room with the help of special sterile equipment and safe pigments.

Also, a cosmetologist, before carrying out such a procedure, should reveal to the client the presence of contraindications, which include:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • the initial postpartum period;
  • menstruation;
  • chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • crayfish;
  • diabetes;
  • HIV;
  • hepatitis;
  • high body temperature;
  • cold and inflammation;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin with the possibility of the formation of colloidal scars;
  • allergic to coloring pigments;
  • hypertension.
Contraindications may be relative or absolute. The first last a limited period of time, the second are chronic. In the presence of absolute contraindications to conduct a tattoo is impossible.

Pros and cons of technology

Eyebrow permanent makeup

Permanent eyebrow makeup, made by an experienced stylist, allows you not to waste time every day to create a line of eyebrows.It is not always possible to independently create a beautiful eyebrow pattern and choose a natural shade for them.

With the help of a professional tattoo, a woman can make her look more expressive and look attractive in any situation. Unlike decorative cosmetics, permanent makeup does not have to be washed off and reapplied every day, and corrected during the day. It will not spread to the sun and wash off with water.

However, to obtain the desired form of beautiful eyebrows, it is required not only to pay for such a cosmetic procedure, but also to be patient. Immediately after the tattoo may appear:

  • puffiness;
  • redness;
  • crusts.

One procedure is indispensable. It will take at least a week to restore the damaged skin, for which special procedures and skin care should be carried out in such a way that the pigment does not go outside and is not washed off. After healing, you will need to once again make a tattoo, which will eliminate the possible flaws in the eyebrow pattern.

It should also be borne in mind that with improper care in the first weeks, you can not only spoil the created eyebrow pattern, but also harm your health.A small wound can, in the absence of regular sanitation, turn into a focus of inflammation. Such complications are also often when performing a tattoo by an inexperienced master.

All this should be taken into account when deciding on the correction of eyebrows. This is an expensive cosmetic procedure that requires the use of certified pigments, modern equipment and the work of an experienced stylist who has completed courses and has good practice.


To understand how to do a tattoo eyebrow, you should consult with a specialist. In an effort to save money, women turn to untested beauty cabinets, as a result of which the resulting tattoo does not meet their expectations.

But if a badly applied pigment can eventually disappear, then a breach of safety during such a procedure can be much more expensive and cost a loss of health.

To avoid all these drawbacks, you should contact only proven beauty salons, where qualified professionals work. In such institutions there is a portfolio of real tattoo and positive customer feedback.Well-known beauty salons always use only high-quality pigments and individually approach each of their clients.

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