35 week of pregnancy: movement and fetal weight. Births at the 35th week of pregnancy

The time of pregnancy is the best in a woman’s life. However, with the onset of 35 weeks, it gives the expectant mother more trouble than joy. And this is not surprising. The kid is almost formed and ready to enter into life. His every movement and stir affects the state of the future mother.

35 week of pregnancy

35 week of pregnancy. Special features

This obstetric term means the middle of the third trimester. Pregnancy lasts for more than 8 months. At this stage, a working woman is recommended to go on maternity leave on a proper rest. Although the baby is almost ready for birth, it is necessary to wait 5 more obstetric weeks to be born.

Fetal development

When the time comes - 35 weeks of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus can reach two and a half pounds. A feature of the development of the child during this period is the formation of muscle tissue and an increase in body fat. This week the fruit can gain up to 250 g of weight.

During this period, the fetus is already fully developed. The 35th week of pregnancy is characterized by the final stage of the formation of its internal organs.

Growth of a baby can reach 45 cm. He becomes crowded in the womb, therefore his every movement causes discomfort in a woman.

All organs of the baby are fully formed. During this period, the development of the urogenital and central nervous systems is completed.

The body of the child actively secretes hormones that help fully form the exchange of nutrients and minerals in his body.

giving birth in the 35th week of pregnancy

Baby look

A fetus at 35 weeks of gestation already looks like a fully formed person, since during this period there is an active accumulation of fat deposits, the baby’s skin becomes soft and smooth. Its color gets a pink tint.

The child’s figure is actively rounded. Disappears angularity. Infant swelling appears.

A baby's weight at 35 weeks of gestation can reach 3 kg. The appearance of wrinkles on the joints of the arms and legs can be noted. There is an active formation of the feet. Infant folds can also be seen in the neck.

Each child develops individually during this period. Some babies already have hair, while others do not.

Often the child at this time already formed nails. They can be very long. Therefore, small scratches may appear on the baby's cheeks.

Characteristic parameters

35 week of pregnancy is characterized by the readiness of the baby to birth. Its height can vary from 45 to 50 cm.

The head of the fetus is almost completely formed and is about 9 cm in its circumference. The diameter of the chest can be from 8 to 8.5 cm. The circumference of the tummy is just over 9 cm.

At 35 weeks of gestation, the weight of the fetus can be from 2 to 3 kg. The main function of the body of the child during this period is to actively gain fat cover for further development.

In the middle of the third trimester, the development of the baby is almost complete. Therefore, childbirth at 35 weeks gestation are not dangerous and usually take place without risks to the life of the mother and child.

35 week of pregnancy fetal movement

Condition of a woman

At this time, the baby may finally turn over in the stomach. He begins his preparation for birth. Some babies begin to sink in the womb.If the child has already changed his position, the breath of the future mother is much easier. However, some babies are in no hurry to change their location until the very beginning of labor.

The size of the abdomen of the future mother reaches its peak. Sometimes it seems that the belly at 35 weeks of pregnancy is huge. Indeed, for the entire period, the uterus of a woman has increased by more than 1000 times. For 8 months the woman's body has completely changed. Now all the organs are working in an enhanced mode to ensure normal delivery.

Despite the sufficient weight of the child, 35 weeks of pregnancy is not the final for the birth process. The baby must gain strength in the womb for another 1 month. However, if preterm labor occurs during this period, they will not be a threat to his life.

Every day it becomes more difficult for the future mother to move. Each movement is given with difficulty. By this date, a woman can gain from 10 to 15 kg of weight.

Condition of the uterus

The 35th week of gestation is characterized by the highest state of the uterine muscle. It reaches a considerable size and puts pressure on the bladder and stomach of a woman.There are frequent urge to urinate. Therefore, the future mother is not recommended walks that take a long time. Also, do not go on a trip.

The uterus also squeezes the diaphragm. Woman's breathing becomes difficult. This brings a certain discomfort during the night rest. To alleviate her condition, a woman is advised to lie on her side.

At this time, the uterus begins to intensively prepare for childbirth. It acquires a special sensitivity. Her tone reaches its peak. Now every movement of a woman responds with pain in her.

Also at week 35, the cervix begins to actively develop. Formed a birth canal.

The appearance of contractions

If a woman at 35 weeks of pregnancy has a stomachache, this indicates the beginning of the body’s readiness for childbirth. The first training bouts appear. Usually the pain from them is quite insignificant.

Contractions can occur at any time. They have not yet become permanent. In the normal course of pregnancy, the pain should pass in a short period of time.

If contractions have a long-term nature and pain from themare significant, the expectant mother is recommended to consult a specialist.

35 weeks gestation fetus weight

Night rest period

Often, future mothers complain that they have a sleep disorder in the 35th week of pregnancy. Insomnia takes away the last strength of expectant mothers.

It is difficult for a pregnant woman to find a comfortable position for sleeping. The large size of the abdomen does not allow to relax. Partially solve the problem help special pillows for pregnant women.

Insomnia and contribute to the frequent urination to urinate. To alleviate the condition of the woman, it is not recommended to drink liquid before bedtime.

You can also take a pill valerian. She will help the future mother to relax and get some rest.

It is useful to perform simple physical exercises before going to bed. They consist of circular movements of the hips. This will slightly reduce the tone of the uterus and relax its muscles.

weight at 35 weeks gestation


Heartburn is a frequent companion of all pregnant women. This results from the fact that the fruit increased in the sizes puts the active pressure upon the alimentary system. Therefore, many pregnant women experience heartburn.

There may also be a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.This is due to the active development of the baby.

To alleviate the condition of the woman is recommended to eat light foods, food should be fractional. The diet of the future mother - rich in minerals and vitamins.

Appearance of discharge. Is it dangerous?

The 35th week of pregnancy is nearing its end. Pulls a stomach, there are fights, the child falls all below. The woman is almost ready for childbirth. However, during this period mucous discharge may occur. Are they dangerous for the future mother?

To understand this, it is necessary to characterize the selection. If they have the appearance of mucus, milky or clear, there is no cause for concern. So the woman's body begins its preparation for the process of childbirth.

It is worth paying attention if there is blood in the mucus. Most likely, there was a detachment of the placenta of the child. To avoid the threat of termination of pregnancy, you need to seek help as soon as possible.

Also at this time there may be a traffic jam. It can be taken for mucous discharge. The passage of the tube is a sure sign of the onset of labor. You must also take care of hospitalization.

Woman's experiences

During this period, a woman feels her connection with a child more than ever. He is ready for birth. This time can be called a rest period. Anxiety about the viability of the baby passes.

A child in the 35th week of pregnancy actively shows that he hears his parents. It can be pushed when touching the abdomen or, conversely, subside.

In order to achieve favorable contact at this time, the expectant mother is recommended to talk to the child more often, read fairy tales to him, and sing children's songs.

If the condition of a pregnant woman allows, you can take short walks, breathe fresh air, watch animals and birds.

The closer the term of delivery approaches, the more disturbing the mother feels. This is also facilitated by the stories of friends and relatives. Try to protect yourself from unnecessary information at this time.

To get rid of anxiety, you can consult with your doctor about upcoming childbirth. Do not forget about the future father. You can share your concerns with him. A loving spouse will definitely find a way to soothe a pregnant woman.

Try to protect yourself from negative information,do not pay attention to superstitious stories. It is recommended to read more, relax, listen to classical music, watch good family films.

35 week of pregnancy. Fetal movements

Often women feel anxiety during this period. The child is actively gaining weight. It becomes crowded in the uterus. Therefore, when the 35th week of pregnancy comes, fetal movements may become slower and less noticeable.

The future mother has no cause for concern. The baby did not become lazy, did not feel discomfort. He just grew up. He had little space in the womb. His movements are no longer so active. They are more like a limp rolling.

However, do not forget about the control of his movements. A woman should always monitor them and count their number every hour. If you have problems, you need to contact a specialist.

Also, the expectant mother can feel tremors and vibrations in the abdomen. There is no cause for concern. Usually, this means that the child simply hiccups.

35 weeks of pregnancy stomach ache

What should the expectant mother do

What to do to a pregnant woman at this time? The middle of the third trimester is the best time to rest.A woman must gain strength before the upcoming birth.

By this time, the expectant mother should already know exactly how and in which institution the baby will be born.

It is necessary to consult with your doctor. If a planned caesarean section is assigned for delivery, the expectant mother needs to prepare for the trip to the maternity hospital and prepare all the necessary things.

It is worth noting that premature birth may occur this week. Therefore, the expectant mother should be ready things to visit the hospital.

At this time it is worth refusing long walks and travel. Doctors do not recommend flying by plane or a long trip by car.

Physical exercise

To prepare your body for childbirth, the expectant mother should not forget about sports.

Loads should not be strong. Watch for their quantity. At the first occurrence of pain sensations should be stopped.

As an exercise fit yoga, swimming. Do not forget about training breathing. Such gymnastics will help in the upcoming birth.

It is useful for a woman to perform exercises on a gymnastic ball.

Training proper breathing will significantly reduce the process of childbirth and reduce pain during labor.

belly at 35 weeks gestation

Intimate side of life

Toward the end of the pregnancy, all the thoughts of the future mother are busy with the upcoming meeting with the baby. However, do not forget during this period about your spouse and his needs.

At this time, a woman is allowed to have sex. Only in some cases there are contraindications. The attending physician will necessarily warn about them.

During this period, you can not use the means of protection. Sperm that enters the female body has a beneficial effect on the state of the walls of the uterus and contributes to its preparation for childbirth.

A certain amount of discomfort during this period can deliver a large size of the abdomen of the expectant mother. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the postures from the state on the side or behind.

In which cases it is necessary to abandon intimate relationships:

Fetal monitoring

The 35th week of pregnancy has begun. How many months are left until a long-awaited meeting? If you count on the usual calendar, then less than a month. For obstetric - 5 weeks. At this time it is very important to control the state of development of the baby.

Therefore, many experts prescribe the final study at 35 weeks. This is usually an ultrasound. It is necessary to control the weight and height of the child. The attending physician diagnoses his level of development, eliminates or confirms possible complications.

Ultrasound is also recommended to monitor the state of presentation of the fetus and entanglement with its umbilical cord. Depending on the condition of the child, the level of amniotic fluid, the doctor chooses the mode of delivery.

Also at 35 weeks of gestation, the health of the expectant mother is monitored, the level of her blood pressure, heart rate. Also, blood and urine tests are prescribed.

The birth of the baby

Is childbirth dangerous at 35 weeks gestation? If the baby decided to be born right now, do not worry. It is considered almost full-term and ready to be born.

Future mother should be ready for the appearance of the baby. Signs of preterm labor:

  • Cramping pains.
  • Discharge of water.
  • Peeling cork.

If these symptoms appear, a pregnant woman should seek medical help.

The baby, born at 35 weeks, is quite adapted to life.If his condition is life threatening, he will be placed in the pathology department of premature babies. However, usually children born during this period are practically no different in their development and condition from full-term babies.

35 weeks of pregnancy is a great time to rest before giving birth. The future mother is gaining strength for the long-awaited meeting with the baby. It should be remembered that by this time the woman should be ready the necessary things and documents for the trip to the hospital.

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