In 2017, five more Yak-152 aircraft will be built. As reported on July 25, 2017, the agencyINTERFAX-AVN, five training aircraft (TCB) Yak-152 will be built in 2017 by the corporation "Irkut", plans for next year to release about ten cars of this type. This..

Fighting mosquitoes: folk remedies, methods, traps In our climate zone it is difficult to meet dangerous insects. And mosquitoes also do not fall into this category. The harm from them is minimal: many will not even feel their bite, and the trace of the..

Ear piercing children: at what age and in what way Earrings in tiny little lobes of small children look especially touching and cute. However, the question of at what age it is possible and when it is best to pierce the ears of a..

14 phrases that can never be spoken to a child Some words addressed to the child, we pronounce purely automatically, in a fit of anger or under stress, without even thinking about how much they ruin his life. Psychologists are sure that we once..

24 Warez Ru Information to the news Views: 2781 Author: Date: December 31, 2016 Dirty viking danila Category: Home / Articles Just now, I went to see the long-announced Viking mega blockbuster. The film is positioned by the authors as historical. At the same..

The main tribute albums of Russian rock. 1 In the material about the albums of cover versions in Russia and the neighbors, I made a mistake. Not that someone forgot or did not take into account. The mistake was that I decided to combine..

Circle Light in Ostankino. Enchanting discovery (Photo, video) What happens inside the fusion reactor 15.07.17 Five years ago we discussed with you what the ITER Thermonuclear Reactor is. Indeed, fusion reactors, if they ever really work, Have you seen this unreal National Geographic video?.

Fifteenth day. St. Petersburg. Marat Street - Pushkinskaya 10. 1 Peter met us with beautiful weather and some insane amount of ambiguous characters. In the evening of the previous day, I took a couple of shots, getting off the train, and generally removed the..

Japanese startup has contracted SpaceX for two moon missions The Japanese aerospace startup Ispace announced the signing of an agreement with SpaceX. Under the terms of the contract, the Falcon 9 rocket will send two stations built by the company to the Moon. The..

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